Oriental and Siamese cattery in USA

It is impossible to forget Oriental cat once seeing it! Is Oriental cat smell like flowers and why the world fell in love with this breed?

The history of origin of the Oriental Siamese breed

"Oriental cat", namely wrong with the English translated name of this breed boasts of a very branched ancestral tree. The first official mention of the Orientals found in the manuscript "Smud Koi" ("book of poems about cats" 1358-1767 gg.). For a long time, the birthplace of the Oriental cat (Thailand) for their mewing beauties supported the regime and not allowed to leave cats of this breed is the world did not known. But miraculously in the 19th century, the Oriental cat breed was brought to the Old world.

So, cat Master Timkey Brown and cat Granny Grumps tried to conquer the British for the first time in 1894, at an exhibition in London, but to no avail. Preserved description of cats with significant events: "Fully painted brown Siamese cat with blue-green eyes."
The next attempt took place two years later. At the next exhibition in Britain was disqualified because of "not proper" coloration is supposedly a Siamese cat solid blue.
In other words, the path of the Orientals to glory was not easy! After all, what looks like a typical representative of this breed, a very long time all misled. British club Siamese cats even wanted to prohibit to breed such "incorrect Siamese".

only in the 60s of the last century breeders (Baroness Edith von Ullmann) seriously took up the breed and its differences from the Siamese turned into dignity!
The solemn registration of the Oriental cat breed took place in 1974.

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Description of breed Oriental cat

Siamese-oriengal cats differ special "fluidity." Long refined lines of their body are very elegant and elegant.

  1. the Head is medium in size, forming an ideal equilateral triangle in shape:
    • the nose is long and smooth, continuing the line of the forehead, there should be no signs of snubness. The end of the nose and the end of the chin should form a straight line;
    • the
    • the ears are visible from afar breed characteristics! They are large (in relation to the head), wide at the base, slightly rounded. It is important that the line of the ears follow the line of the wedge head. Oriental kittens belong to the Eastern group, therefore, they observed "early growth of the ears." That is, the ears grow in the first three months of life, and why the kitten Oriental breed is very similar to Cheburashka. And then the ears cease to grow, and the animal continues to develop, the sizes are compared and as a result very harmonious being turns out;
    • kittens are beginning not the world broad open eyes already on the third day after birth. Eyes have cats Orientals almond-shaped, between them should not be hollows, strabismus is disqualifying sign of. Eye color from 299 types of colors Oriental green (or raznoglazie) and white Oriental cat has blue eyes.
  2. The body of cats of this breed is stately and elongated. The breed standard provides sophisticated (but not miniature bone) and strong muscles.
    • the Stomach should be cut up.
    • visible protruding cartilage On the chest.
    • limbs slender, front legs shorter than hind. Paws are miniature, rounded.
    • Tail is thin and long.
    • cats Oriental breed weigh 6-8 kg, weight cats to 5 kg.
  3. Wool. Oriental cats are short-haired and long-haired. In any case, their coat should be shiny. The pile should fit snugly to the body like a Thai cat.
  4. "Cat of all rainbow colors"! Such reviews are found by those who are interested in the breed. Indeed, Oriental cat can be proud of-in its palette of about 300 types of colors. This is one of the most variable in color breeds. Any colors, in any combination-spots, stripes, peas, but at least the pictures on the back no, no, and are found in one of the litters.
The basic colors are as follows:
  • Havana (chocolate color). This is a uniform coat color, in which the nose corresponds to the main brown tone, and paw pads pink-brown;
  • lilac (lavender) colouring. The coat is grey, there is a "enemy" plaque without the blue. Lobe (mirror) of the nose and pads on paws are pale-purple;
  • blue colour. Should be uniform from the blue mirror of the nose to the blue tail;
  • cinnamon. This is a light brown version of the color, providing a pink tip of the nose and pads;
  • coloring of Faun. Beige or light gray hair combined with pink nose and pads;
  • red color. Wool red, without dark hairs are, pink pads are paws and a mirror nose.

the characteristics of the breed – with all these eye colors should be only green.
Cardinally black or white coloring of wool at Orientals are not less popular. Also there are tiger, spotted, marble and ticked tabby.

Character of Oriental Shorthair cats

Who is at the center of the universe? Of course, Oriental cat! How to determine that the cat is Oriental? The world, the apartment and the inhabitants of the apartment revolve around one lop-eared creature. And if the creature doesn't like something or, on the contrary, like very much, or he's sad or he's having fun, or being eaten, or run... in General, any gesture or mood Eastern Oriental cats nice comment on "Mnau".

Those who are not familiar with this breed personally, you need to know that the Orientals do not know how to be silent and will give a voice (meow) every minute!

additionally, they constantly need attention and are very affected if attention is not obtained. According to the owners Oriental cats are very energetic. It would be right to write very energetic!!! They're not the ones who spend hours heating the couch. Oriental all the time are in motion, chasing toys, children, sunbeams and only them visible specks of dust. Therefore, so few photos with kittens-Orientals-they simply can not be persuaded to pose for a photographer!
At the age of six months, you constantly have to remove your pet from the next Everest, because they seem to be able to walk on the walls.
At least, climbing the curtains and conquering the cornices are the characteristic features of an Oriental cat in a good mood.
In this regard, it is recommended to hedge the plants on the windowsill. They are in danger of being accidentally dropped or serve as an additional toilet for a shrewd kitten who will savvy figure out:"And why is the land poured?» With all the obvious advantages (friendship and sociability), the nature of Oriental cats touchy. It was passed to her inherited from her grandmother siemki.


healthy, in principle, Oriental cats are predisposed to several diseases:

  • gingivitis. This disease provokes infection, falling from Tartar. Symptoms – not a pleasant smell from the mouth, refusal of animal food, profuse salivation. Prevention is simple-regular cleaning of the oral cavity of the animal;
  • Those who are not familiar with this breed personally, you need to know that the Orientals do not know how to be silent and will give a voice (meow) every minute!
  • hereditary liver amyloidosis;
  • progressive retinal atrophy. This disease can affect the animal at any age, the symptoms are invisible, only a special examination by a veterinarian can detect the disease;
  • flat chest syndrome. This disease is typical only for kittens. This deformation in a weak form gives the kitten a chance of salvation, because with the growth of the animal his chest straightens, but a strong form of deformation leads to the death of the animal;
  • cardiomyopathy (heart disease).

Forewarned-armed. Just watch your pet and don't forget to visit the vet periodically.
And Orientals need to be hidden from the draughts. They do not have undercoat and for this reason frankly freeze in our latitudes. Therefore, to life on the street they, too, not adapted.
But in the apartment, and with proper care the life expectancy of the Oriental cat is 15-17 years.

Care and maintenance

Caring, singing serenades with her and giving flowers to the Eastern beauty owners may be necessary, but the traditional care of the cat of this breed is very simple. Combing with a rubber glove, not frequent, but regular, will help to maintain the coat of the Oriental cat in a beautiful glossy form.

Those who are not familiar with this breed personally, you need to know that the Orientals do not know how to be silent and will give a voice (meow) every minute!
  • cleaning the ears with cotton buds is one of the essential points of cat care.
  • cleaning the Tartar at the vet is a must!
  • Preventive measures against worms and fleas.

Oriental cats have a decent manicure. To pet not turned into a smaller copy of Freddy Krueger, to cut the claws of Orientalism need more often than representatives of other breeds.

by the way, these cats don't smell like gladioli. They do not have a characteristic smell! These features make them extremely attractive!


Lean cats like to eat, while not at all worried about their figure. And in vain, the Oriental cat is prone to obesity. Task master — this figure to protect and provide kitty a balanced diet.

it is very difficult to sustain a proper nutrition on natural food therefore breeders recommend ready-made dry forages and canned food of a premium class.
But if you are a principled opponent of such a diet, keep in mind that Orientals need fats for the beauty and Shine of wool. Add a gram of butter to each serving.

the Norm of caloric intake per day in cats up to 300 kcal, cats – 250 kcal.

< p>Oriental cat can be given milk, their body copes with it, but it is important to remember that milk is not the main dish on the menu and treat them to a pet better than two hours after the main meal.

Still, experts note that the food for cats of this breed should be comfortably warm and feed them in a quiet environment below their excitable nervous system does not interfere with the meal.



Where to buy an Oriental kitten

we have the breed became known after the Moscow exhibition in 1987. For several years, the country began to bring Oriental cats from Poland. And now and in USA, Russia, and in Ukraine cats this breed have common genes first Oriental.

how much does an Oriental cat cost?

kitten price is around $600 - $2000 depending on gender, color, show and breeding quality. At the same time, the price, of course, includes a package of documents. Cattery individually determine this number for each kitten.

Where to buy a kitten? Where you believe in the purity of the breed and where you will meet "the one," look green (or blue) eyes.

Oriental catteries

In Richmond, Virginia

Oriental cat-a cat, without which it is impossible to do!

Orientals, Siamese, Seychelles

these are members of the same breed group. They have a single standard and can be born in one litter.

they Differ only in eye color!

Oriental cats have completely green eyes
in Siamese cats painted only muzzle, ears, tail and limbs, and the body remains light blue eyes
Seychelles has blue white spots on the" Siamese " color