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We operating under USDA APHIS license issued by U.S. Goverment and registered in TICA.

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Our oriental & siamese cattery located in Richmond, Virginia (North Chesterfield county)

Siamese kittens are a very intelligent and active breed of cat that form strong bonds with their families and enjoy both
human and feline companionship.
Thinking of getting an oriental kitten or siamese kitten? Make sure you have a good budget so you can buy a Siamese kitten.
They are extremely vocal, easily trainable and are bursting with personality.
A wonderful breed that are very friendly and will become a huge part of your family.
A Siamese kitten is an entertainment committee of 1-2 kittens double it!

The cat owners often prefer to buy a Siamese kitten in the USA because the experience has shown that the Siamese cats in the USA
are affectionate and trustworthy friends for people of any age category. As for the Oriental cats it was known very little
about them because earlier many international felinological associations numbered them among the Siamese cats, considering their
differentiating properties to be a defect. Siamese cats have exclusively blue-colored eyes and point coloring with brown, blue,
apricot, creamy shades. Any deviation from the nominal standard was thought to be a variation from norm. Therefore the Orientals
were not admitted to cat shows. Fortunately, very soon these cats deservedly spun off into a distinct breed, and now far more than one
Oriental cat breeder in the USA offers wonderful and rapidly gaining popularity Oriental kittens in the USA.
        The Oriental and Siamese cats in the USA are of the same Eastern short-haired breed-group, which unites them by the common
        standards. That is why it was considered that there was no difficulty to buy an Oriental kitten in the USA because it refers
        to a widespread Siamese breed, distinguishing from it only with eye and coat coloring, which appears due to a particular gene
        encoding the variations of the Oriental breed's coloring.
 The coloring diversity of the Oriental cats in the USA will catch the imagination and suit the taste of the most demanding owners.
        The richest assortment of ebony, brown, blue, creamy and even red shades may combine with brindles, patterns and tubbies.
The ones who wish to buy an Oriental cat in the USA should know that these cats resemble figurines with their demeanor, whereas their
dignified walk and royal manners tell about the thoroughbred and blue blood. Very often in comparison with the Siamese kittens in the USA
the head and snout of the Orientals are longer, whereas the forehead of the first ones is higher than of the latter ones. The flattening of
frontal area of the Orientals signifies their pertaining to the "European" cats type. The Siamese kittens in Virginia fall into the category
of the Eastern type of cats with narrow almond eyes. The Oriental kittens in Virginia have wider eyes.
Many people prefer to buy a Siamese cat in the USA not only because of its excellent exterior but because of its wonderful behavioral
pattern, temper, love and affection for its owner. In this matter it has very much in common with the Oriental cats. They are remarkably sagacious,
friendly and playful. These cats adore fondling and respond to it willingly. The Siamese and Oriental kittens in Richmond are perfect companions
and will plunge into any adventure with their owner. They are always abreast of the family events and if someone is going to play
with them  their delight will be endless. These creatures are active, inquisitive and energetic. The Siamese and Oriental cats
have a pleasant and melodic thin voice and they are very talkative.
Moreover any Siamese cat breeder in the USA will gladly certify that these breeds accommodate themselves to new conditions very fast.
With such traits as mild, well-balanced temper, unobtrusiveness, love and fidelity for their owner, these cats are governed by a happy
medium while communicating with him.
Furthermore the Oriental and Siamese kittens in Richmond VA get on well with children and pets. These touching creatures catch perfectly
their owners mood to share his joy and reassure him in sorrow. The character type is very important while choosing a pet. The Siamese and
Oriental cats have indeed a unique temper, fidelity, reliability and affection to become ideal members of a family.